Dementia and Faith Communities

Dementia Training with a different Perspective

Discovering the Potential in those with Dementia

Starting with What we Know

We often have the information about who those living with dementia are and what they did, but so often we don't use that history to continue their life story. 

How can we Make that Happen

Those with dementia are constantly telling us about themselves and what they love in the random things they talk about all day.  We MUST learn to listen to those experiences and ask "How can we Make that HAPPEN"

A Personal Approach

Being open to allow them experiences that may bring out the person that is inside.  Trying with EVERYTHING REAL that they may recognize. 


We Help with Training

Dementia Interactive Seminars


Our seminars offer you ways to generate ideas and work with you and your entire staff to see the person .  We let you become actors and detectives, in finding their world and jumping into it. 


Quality of Life INVOLVEMENT


As dementia engagement consultants we work with your entire staff or families to enable you to see from the elders perspective.  We talk about Quality of Life but often get in their way.  We help you see what they CAN DO! A different perspective on Alzheimer's training.


Energizing Everyone


It does take all heads to put the puzzle of their life together.  We help you find ways to involve family, all shift and  department staff, because they all interact on different levels, so all have a piece that is nneded to complete it. 

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